Some Valuable Tips & Tricks

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ICMP Filtering

Know your network. Do not randomly block or allow anything. Understand the impact it will have on your network and use a lab scenario if possible.

Filtering ICMP packets can be a challenge more so than it seems. Several ICMP packets should actually be permitted to enter and exit your firewall / gateway device. A recommended allow list to start with is below. Know that this is only a recommendation and may need to be adjusted for your specific needs. All other ICMP types should be blocked initially.

ICMP_ECHO		8	0 		Ping 
ICMP_ECHOREPLY		0	0		Ping response 
ICMP_TIMXCEED		11	0 		TTL expired in transit.

Note that ICMP packets have a TYPE and CODE. The TYPE defines the ICMP message that is being passed. In certain cases, a TYPE may have several sub messages, called CODEs.

For example, a "destination unreachable" message might have a TYPE of 3 and a CODE of 3. This would be the ICMP message generated when a port on the target host is unreachable.

For a list of ICMP TYPES and CODES visit Iptables Tutorial 1.1.19 by Oskar Andreasson at Copyright © 2001-2003 by Oskar Andreasson.