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About ADL Datacomm

You'll find throughout this site that ADL Datacomm mentions experience quite frequently. There are reasons for that.

The founder of ADL has worked in many facets of telecommunications for several years. His hands on experience includes working directly with

    • Local Telephone companies
    • Local Cable Companies
    • Tier 2 Network Access Companies
    • ISP's
    • Government entities

As you can see, there's not very much we haven't experienced AND we have excellent working relations with local service providers to help resolve issues fast.

Although the name is new the powers behind ADL Datacomm are well seasoned telecom veterans.

Having installed networks for

    • Hospitals
    • Government agencies
    • Manufacturing plants
    • Telephone companies
    • Internet service providers
    • Non-Profit Organizations
    • School districts throughout NY state including several BOCES districts

Learn how our experience can work for you and your business by contacting us today for a commitment free consultation!

Helping business' one at a time. Learn how you or your company can benefit from our services, contact us today for a commitment free consultation!

With more than 20 years experience in the industry, an outstanding reputation, well respected opinions, and tons of backing from area business', ADL Datacomm is here to stay.