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The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world. It then displays a value between zero and 100. Higher values indicate faster and more reliable connections.

Business Solutions


ADL Datacomm staff will come to your facility to train staff on the functionality of Microsoft Windows, and many common applications such as; Microsoft Office, Corel, Quick Books and Adobe Photoshop.

We can also provide training in understanding networking. Topics might include item such as; network security, shared or mapped drives and network communication or any other chosen by you.

Certified voice and data cabling

ADL Datacomm will install your voice and data cable to be scalable, manageable and reliable. All products are installed to ANSII EIA/TIA specifications using only the highest quality hardware available. Fully coherent documentation is provided with every install to insure easy maintenance for moves, adds and changes.

Virus and Spyware removal

If you have reason to believe your system is infected with a virus or spyware. Call on ADL Datacomm. We will come to your place of business to do a full sweep for known viruses and spyware using the best tools available.

We will remove all detected instances of the threats and provide recommended methods of preventing such threats from reoccurring.

Emergency network service

It's the middle of the day and your network just stopped working? Don't know why? Call on ADL Datacomm to resolve the issue. We will respond to your emergency, diagnose the problem and advise you of your options on repairing the problem to get you back to productivity ASAP.

Network security testing

What does your network look like to the bad guy? A sitting duck? ADL Datacomm can answer that question. We will come on site and run extensive tests on your network. We will show you your vulnerabilities, probable points of entry, point out internal threats, and provide you with solutions on securing your network, keeping your data safe and preventing future threats.

Wireless networking

Wireless networking is quickly becoming more prevalent in the business environment. If you have an environment that is not suitable for cabling or just need the freedom of wireless, we can help. ADL Datacomm will design and install a secure, useful, wireless network in almost any situation. Read our tips on securing wireless LAN's

Computer Sales

ADL Datacomm is a proud reseller of Acer America, Juniper Networks, Cisco Systems and an IBM business partner, offering a full range of computers, servers and networking equipment at very competative rates.

24 x 7 PC Repair

ADL Datacomm will come on site, day or night, and repair your PC. Most problems can be overcome by making software adjustments. In the event of hardware failure, if the part is not in stock, we will order the replacement hardware and install it the following day.

Server set-up and maintenance

Weather you are new to a server client environment or you need to add a server to your network ADL Datacomm can handle the job. We will install, configure and maintain your server(s) either on a as needed basis or under a monthly maintenance contract.


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