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Not Security

Ok, this is more of a rant but since it has a little to do with security, I have to write this. I was recently in a major department store (JCP) and was totally appalled by the technique they were using to detour thieves.

The totally obnoxious electronic bell near the dressing rooms. When they were first being used it was ok because you could reach up and turn them off. Now they have them protected by and egg-crate drop ceiling panel. These things are so loud that while waiting for my wife I noticed that everyone who went in or out of the dressing room complained.

The kicker of it is, when I asked what the store thought they were accomplishing by using these things, the cashier threatened to call security. They also indicated that they, as employees felt is was obnoxious but if they had to deal with it, they so did I.

Ok so let me get this straight, a customer is entering an environment where they would have an opportunity to commit a crime. The solution is to whack them in the head, let them know that someone could be paying attention, and now knows they're going in there, and they won't shoplift? I don't think so.

Everyone knows that the store can't put cameras in the dressing room, so no matter how much noise they create going in and out they still have the opportunity to shoplift. This in my opinion is NOT security but something that has now caused me to no longer shop for clothing in that store.

I would love to see the statistic that says "Irritating your customers prior to entering the fitting room will prevent them from stealing." What a laugh.

Folks, if your reading this, you already know that security should be approached with just the opposite attitude. You should be discreet and silent, gathering evidence until the breach has been made. Then we convict.