Residential Solutions


ADL Datacomm staff will come to your home to train you on basic day to day computer tasks, computer do's and don't along with the functionality of Microsoft Windows, residential tracing on specific applications is available upon request.

Data Recovery

ADL Datacomm can often recover deleted files, corrupt data from disk failure and other causes of data loss. We will provide an assessment of the situation prior to recovery attempts.

Virus and Spyware removal

If you have reason to believe your system is infected with a virus or spyware. Call on ADL Datacomm. We will come to your home to do a full sweep for known viruses and spyware using the best tools available.

We will remove all detected instances of the threats and provide recommended methods of preventing such threats from reoccurring.

Computer Clean Up

Often computer progressively run slower and slower over time. There are several reasons for this and most can be overcome by performing some system maintenance. Call on ADL Datacomm to come to your home and perform these tasks for you.

A system clean up will include; installing any operating system patches that you may be lacking, tuning up disk functions, and cleaning any virus, spyware/malware from your system.

Firewall installs and set-up

Although most broadband providers include some type of transparent firewall solution, often this is not enough. Installing a hardware firewall is one of the best ways to protect your personal information and reduce the risk of attack.

I often hear people say things like "Why would anyone want to break into my computer, I don' have anything to steal." Guess what. You're the target. Those computers are the ones that hackers rely on for spreading viruses and collecting data.

Wireless networking

Wireless networking is quickly becoming more prevalent at home due to Internet sharing and lack of cabling in most homes.

If you have an environment that is not suitable for cabling or just need the freedom of wireless, we can help. ADL Datacomm will design and install a secure, useful, wireless network in almost any situation. Read our tips on securing wireless LAN's

Computer Sales

ADL Datacomm is a proud reseller of Acer America and an IBM business partner, offering a full range of computer equipment at competative rates.
In addition, custom built computers for any need are also available.

Computer Repair

ADL Datacomm will come to your home and repair your PC. Many problems can be overcome by making software adjustments. In the event of hardware failure, if the part is not in stock, we will order the replacement hardware and install it at your convenience.

Phone line maintenance

ADL Datacomm works with many local telecom providers. We are often called upon to

    • Install new lines
    • Add a jack
    • Repair existing lines
    • Test for faults of interior wiring

If you require assistance with a phone line and don't want to have the phone company do the work, call on ADL Datacomm for help.


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