Some Valuable Tips & Tricks

NOTE: Nothing on this particular page is guaranteed to work in every case. The Tips & Tricks provided herein have worked for me personally in the past but are in no way provided as a total solution to any particular problem. ADL Datacomm will not be held responsible for any malfunction after implementing any of these suggestions. These ideas are provided without liability and with no guarantee expressed or implied. Although we have used each one of these, they are supplied as 'use at your own risk' suggestions only.

Fighting SPAM:

SPAM is obviously one of the largest problems on the Internet today. You know, the junk that fills your inbox everyday and wastes the first 30 minutes of you work day. In addition to using some pretty serious SPAM filtering on our mail servers, and Spam Net by Cloudmark, I have also set up some pretty aggressive mail filters.

The filter begins with setting up a SPAM folder to filter into, just in case. We then start filtering anything that contains ~ or ! or @ or # or $ or % or ^ or & or * or ` in the subject and send it to the new SPAM folder. That should catch about 90% of the junk. Now we have one problem. Some good email may contain one of these characters. Like mail from eBay has a ! in the subject, so we have to create an 'unless whatever', set of criteria. You get the idea.

As I said, this is not fool proof but after a few weeks of tuning this up you'll find a lot less SPAM in your inbox. And don't forget you have that SPAM folder that you storing all this into, in case a good mail gets caught.