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Additional services available will include but are not limited to

  • Additional off-site backup solutions

  • Alternative firewall and server options

  • Cloud computing services

  • Maintenance contracts

  • Better coverage during vacation and off times


Other changes will include but are not limited to

  • Any hardware orders totaling more than $50 will be billed and must be paid for prior to ordering unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.

  • Any invoice which remains unpaid after the due date will incur 1.5% interest per month beginning on the invoice due date.

  • Our standard hourly rate will increase from $100 to $125/ hr for new customers. Please refer to the hourly rate sheet by visiting http://adldatacomm.net/rates.pdf

  • A work order outlining the above terms will accompany all work requests unless other arrangements have been previously agreed upon. The work order will need to be signed by the customer or an authorized agent of the company upon job / project completion.

  • Regular business hours will be 9am – 5pm Mon – Fri. Any calls handled or work performed outside those hours, which was not scheduled at least 3 days in advance, will be considered an emergency and billed as such. The emergency rate is currently 1.5 times (time and a half) the standard rate for the requested service(s). Other emergency charges may apply.